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With Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen and Yve Gould

Introduction To Working Online - Free Here

From Our Place to Yours


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Once you complete your registration you don’t need to miss any valuable instruction because you will have access to these pre-recorded sessions for six months so you can review and learn from them any time that works for you.

Telehealth. Stay ahead of the curve

Learn how to be truly effective as an online therapist. The world needs you to be available online in this extraordinary time.

Put the Pieces Together

We’ll help you learn how to use the online differences effectively.  

Attachment, Authenticity and EFT

Learn the processes and components that make couple therapy effective.

Unlimited access to all sessions for six months

Session One Session Control Online

Session 1: Session Control online and onscreen dynamics

Learn how to focus on establishing good emotional connection with and between your clients in the online setting.

  • Creating Presence – screen use basics
  • Differences in emotional engagement through the screen
  • De-escalation and session control
  • Cues for reflecting emotion

Session Two Staying in the EFT Frame

Session 2: Staying in the EFT Frame online

Learn how to bring your in-the-room EFT skills to life in your onscreen therapy room. 

  • Managing Strong Emotion
  • Processing Emotion 
  • Setting up meaningful enactments onscreen
  • EFT process awareness in the onscreen environment

Session Three Integration, Review and Reflections

Session 3: Questions and Reflections

Responding to Questions, Reflections and Bring Your Wonderings. 

  • Benefits and Challenges of Working Online
  • Grounding, Handling Fatigue and Self-Care
  • Reflections on Growth and Practice
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What Makes Our Place Different?

At Our Place Becca and Yve join together from different parts of the world, different hemispheres, different seasons and different time zones. Both Becca and Yve were educators before they were therapists, both have been working online for years as educators, EFT Trainers, Supervisors and providing EFT Couple Therapy. Together they bring practical know-how in a warm, engaging and enjoyable learning environment. Their motto is “From Our Place to yours, wherever you are in the world.” 

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It’s important to us that you have access to this workshop. EFT is the most effective couple therapy in the world, and it’s important to be the most effective couple therapist online you can be. This workshop is valuable and we don’t want funds to restrict you from joining us or having access to the best training available. We thank you in advance for your generous contribution.

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Helpful. Practical. Engaging!

“This is a really helpful series…the practical advice was easy to implement and helped with going into a couples session this past week…Rebecca and Yve are highly engaging and (this) keeps the topic interesting! I really recommend this series!!” – J.K.

EFT Therapist

Great Modeling and Tips

“I love the way you have modelled having an online session as well as the tech tips!”  – E.H.

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples

Great Advice and Tips. Inspired!

“It has been very lovely to see your wonderful warm presence online. Thank you so much for the great advice and tips. You make it look so easy…You have inspired me to work with couples online.” A.R.

Couple Therapist

Fabulous new thoughts!

“This is really fabulous! Lots of things I hadn’t thought of as I prepared to move into 100% video sessions!”  W.F.

EFT Therapist

Fully Present...

“Love your warmth, humor and you are both so fully present.  It’s like we are in a wonderfully personal place with you both.” J.V.

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples

Connecting and Enriching

“This has been so connecting and enriching. I would sign up for anything you guys do 😊. Thank you so much.”  – S.A.

Couple Therapist

Discover how working online as an EFT therapist allows you the freedom to meet couples where they are.

Live Workshop What’s My Investment?

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Live Workshop

Dates and Location


Dec. 8-10, 2019
Feb. 2-4, 2020

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    A Special Thank You

    Dr. Sue Johnson has developed an unsurpassed treatment for distressed couples, Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy. She has won numerous awards for her contribution to training and research in the field of psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy. 

    We appreciate Sue for her contribution not only to the field of relationship therapy and adult attachment but for the impact her work has on us both personally and professionally. Whilst Dr. Johnson does not directly contribute to Our Place for EFT™ we adhere closely to the EFT model of couple therapy and enjoy the rich fruits of deep healing and transformation this form of therapy has in lives around the world.